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Dance like you


  As a child, Isadora Duncan caught my attention. Flowing scarves and a big yard made way for my dancing spirit to soar. In adolescence, I discovered modern dance and formed a company with willing dancers from the cheerleading squad and drama department. I attended Bennington College where imprints from dancestors were felt on grassy meadows. Following those magical years in Vermont, the theatre held my heart in San Francisco, New York and Seattle until I began to weave the work of education and the arts. Through it all, dance remained a source of delight and connection.

My training and experience is in Modern, Nia, WildCore and Soul Motion. Teachers who have created space for me to evolve significantly are: the Bennington Dance Faculty of a certain era, the hip-hop teacher from the downtown Crunch in the early 1990's, Chris Daigre, Dina Love, Vincent Martinez-Grieco, the dancers from Full Life Care, Leilani Farr, and Brietta Leader. 

Through dance, a place exists where time and space bloom to expansive somatic experiences. 

-Mollia Jensen

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