• Dance Company is practicing and creating dance.

  • Dance Company is for adults from all levels of experience.

  • Dance Company is learning movement through repetition.

  • Dance Company explores body-based listening.

  • Dance Company learns and creates phrases of movement.

  • Dance Company includes writing, music, and visual arts.

  • Dance Company makes dance pieces which will not be performed for the public but will be shared with a chosen few.

  • Dance Company is led by an experienced group facilitator and movement teacher.

  • Dance Company practices the art of listening to oneself and to others.

  • Dance Company is a safe space for those who love to dance.


Contact me to have a conversation and learn more about this committed series.


When: October 5 to December 7, 6:00pm - 7:30pm (no class 11/23)

Where: Lakewood Seward Park Community Club

Cost: $270