• Dance Company is practicing and creating dance.

  • Dance Company is for adults from all levels of experience.

  • Dance Company incorporates the Nia Technique.

  • Dance Company explores through Soul Motion Mindful Movement.

  • Dance Company learns and creates phrases of movement.

  • Dance Company includes writing, music, and visual arts.

  • Dance Company makes dance pieces which will not be performed for the public but will be shared with a chosen few.

  • Dance Company is led by an experienced group facilitator and movement teacher.

  • Dance Company practices the art of listening to oneself and to others.

  • Dance Company is a safe space for those who love to dance.


Contact me to have a conversation and learn more about this committed series.


dance company Fall 2022 is in session! I invite you to consider planting seeds for early Spring 2023.


This is an excerpt from the fall 2021 series of dance company. Here is a peek of 3 moves created by 3 dancers for the larger piece.


"I found choreography skills I never knew I had.  I felt free to be myself and have FUN.  It was comfortable on my body and I enjoyed meeting new dancers and movers in my community. Mollia's coaching skills are gentle and encouraging.  She has a way of pushing us forward and keeping us on track without forcing anything.  In the end, we created a gorgeous piece of moving art." LI

 "I love Dance Company! Being in a small group, creating our dance piece, was a new and delightful experience. Our time together was the perfect combination of warmup, free dancing, and choreography with time to visit and socialize. I recommend it for anyone needing to lift their spirits, move their body (at their own pace) needing some time time just for themselves (but not totally alone). Mollia facilitates a weekly treat that had my body, mind and spirit feeling renewed. And she's brilliant!" Jill Pagano

"I get to explore my inner landscape in movement and dance, dabbled with Mollia's inspirations. Mollia's the best!" JD

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Art by Greta Jensen